‘It is fascinating to see how with the right skills, companies can tap right into people's lives and capture tiny moments of emotion.... it is a very simple idea beautifully executed.' Lyn Gardner|The Guardian

The Button Museum is a growing, interactive installation on wheels, displaying an array of Buttons that have been collected, donated or found in our treasured Button tins; but in this case, every button tells a story. Each Button is archived alongside its memory or story, collected over the years from the diverse audience it has met on its travels.

You choose a numbered button, locate the related envelope and find out who donated it and perhaps the story behind it. If you want to, you can give your own button or choose one from a selection to add to the museum. Company members wear 1940s clothes and an actor types up the newly donated stories on an old manual typewriter.

Inviting people of all ages to bring a button or delve into our tins, and share stories.