Stadium Legends celebrated the history of Colchester Football Club within the community and the difference football has made to peoples lives within it.

There were three different strands to the project, one group made a film, another worked on art pieces and Ragroof Theatre was commissioned to work with the reminiscences of the club members and create a performance.

We worked with 2 school groups (one from primary and one from secondary education), fans of the club and mental health provision users.  Together we captured the memories of past and current players, managers, fans and other people from the club's history.

We brought people's memories to life by making bunting decorated with the writing of people's stories ('memory bunting'), training the school children to carry out their own interviews and creating a sound track using snippets of sound from the interviews. We then used this material to make a performance with a large group using the stories gained in the interviews. As a group we explored different spaces within the football ground to gain inspiration for the performance.

The project highlighted the power of football to bring together communities. 

Supported by Creative Partnerships and Colchester United  Community Sports Trust.

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