This is the archived website for Ragroof Theatre, we closed in 2012, see "contact us" to get in touch with previous directors or go to The Ragroof Players for work that now tours with this new company.

Ragroof create work for outdoor or unusual spaces, taking inspiration from the sites in which we perform. We bring our work to the heart of the community; high streets, social centres, boxing clubs, dance halls and schools. We are a collective of individual artists with a dazzling array of skills in dance, physical theatre, visual art, written word and curation.

We tour all four corners of the UK as well as working internationally, travelling with our theatre, performance and happenings that celebrate, explore and create community.

We explore specific subjects and communities. It is the human experience and the people’s stories that are at the heart of our work.

Our work process is rooted in the personal connection made between us and the people we meet; it is a journey of learning, laced with laughter, sadness and confrontation. We invite our audience to actively engage with the work and be part of a visceral environment that captures sounds and voices from the worlds we explore. As theatre-makers we are fascinated by the way that stories and memories become brighter, more vivid in the retelling. Our work is often inspired by the very smallest detail, and it is in the retelling of any story, with the added elements of theatricality, that these details, the essence of memory, come to life.

We believe our work is relevant. We aim to challenge and transform perceptions, enhancing difference and celebrating change.

To have a sense of belonging is a politically pertinent and binding force within society.

Ragroof is about people, for people.

Ragroof Theatre are on a journey and we are taking our audience with us.