Luan Blake is the artistic director of Ragroof Theatre. She has performed with Company Collisions (‘Medea’, ‘La Petite Morte’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘The Constant Tin Soldier’) and Periplum Tree (‘Crowley’). She recently collaborated with French street theatre company cercle de la litote as part of the On Festival in the Streets of Brighton 2005. Also in 2005 she was involved with writing and directing Ragroof’s large community play based on the reminiscences of local people about the floods on Canvey Island in 1953, ’12 Ft Under – A Town in the Sea’.

Marion Duggan is an artist, performer and co-director of Ragroof Theatre. Marion directs the company’s recent project ‘Bridges y Puentes’ and is performance director for 'Gloves On'. She performs with Ragroof in ‘Make Do and Mend’, ‘Shall We Dance? Encore!’ and ‘Ragroof Tea Dances’. Marion leads on the community outreach of the company and specialises in working with young people, teaching drama, dance and art workshops. Freelance work includes stage-managing a West End Production of ‘Rest Upon The Wind’ and performance direction with Scary Little Girls and The Society of Wonders. In 2009 Marion undertook a research trip to Buenos Aires, collaborating with Argentine company ‘Sur Sol’ on ways of mixing theatre and tango.

Marion has trained in ensemble with Complicite, clown with Gerry Flannagan and Mick Barnfather and storytelling at Emerson College. She has a passion for all things knitted, especially cakes!

Ivan Fabrega is a performer, dancer, disc jockey and co-director of Ragroof Theatre. Ivan has trained in acrobatics, dance and performance skills at the Circus Space, London; Fool Time, Bristol and Chalon sur Saone, France. He has trained in clown with Gerry Flannagan & Mick Barnfather and in eccentric dance with Barry Grantham. He is also the co-founder of the following theatrical companies: High Rise Rubber (1991); Martinez & Fabrega (1998); Speakeasy Theatre (2002). Currently Ivan manages and plays trombone in Fat 45, an 11-piece jump jive band.

Anna Symes is an artist, performer and a co-director of Ragroof Theatre. Anna comes from a broad background in dance and visual art; she has trained in Ballet and specializes in Jive and Argentine Tango. She has also performed and collaborated with other Brighton- and London-based theatre companies Periplum Tree, Company: Collisions (‘The Constant Tin Soldier’), The People Show and The 5th Wheel. She performs with Scarletine Delight, a burlesque troupe, and has a keen interest in creating exciting, outdoor and site-specific theatre. Anna also teaches Jive with her dance partner Matthew Blacklock and supports Ragroof and Company:Collisions in Tour Booking, Marketing and Administration.

Collaborting Artists

Ben Blake, Mimi Hansmann, Dorothy Max Prior, Flick Ferdinando, Dan McGarry, Tom Adams, Terry O’Donovan, Matthew Blacklock, Nick Jesper, Jude Barrington Smuts, Katie Etheridge, Zoe Charles, Marcus Ripley, Claire Davies, Juliett Russell, Al Boorman, Sama Mara, Tanushka Marah, Laurence Potter, Tash G Allan, Swervy World (Stephane Spitz), Nick Spice, Dave Chameleon, Tara Gould, The Village Disco, Ellan Parry, Claire Bonnet and Tamineh Dhondy.