Gloves On is now part of the Ragroof Theatre archive of works and no longer touring

"Gloves On. That's the moment. That's when it's gonna happen."

Steve Martin, Ex-Boxer

Set in a fullsize boxing ring, this physical performance investigates the intricacies of courage and honour, ritual and spectatorship. The show explores boxing and its place in British psyche, conveying the emotional, physical and psychological challenge of a boxer’s experience.

The compere introduces his fighters for the evening’s spectacle. The audience is invited to take the side of the champion or challenger as the boxers display their pugilistic prowess. Stories of boxers and their families collide in the ring to a pumping soundtrack against a backdrop of urban art. Pounding break-beats fill the space as the fighters enter the ring to the raucous delight of the crowd.

The battle commences... Which side will you take?

Gloves On will transform indoor and outdoor spaces to reflect the intense and visceral atmosphere of boxing clubs.

In 2009 Ragroof presented two work in progress performances, site-specific to Brighton Boy’s boxing club, and the Lion club in Shoreditch. This process greatly influenced the development of Gloves On.

As part of the creation of the show in 2010 Ragroof continued the community outreach aspect of their creative process; researching, interviewing and archiving legacy material. The company works with local boxing clubs with the aim of involving young, local boxers in the performance, in their community.

In April 2012, Ragroof will be taking up residence in the Blackwood Miner’s Institute, Caerphilly, working with local boxers, and NEET youth, who will perform in Gloves On.

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