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‘A beautiful and touching production that speaks across the generations - long may it continue to be seen!'
Roxie Curry | Shoreditch Audiences

'Ragroof Theatre's 'Shall We Dance?' was a delightful climax to the National Theatre's 2006 Watch This Space season. Witty, moving, energetic and well executed, it reiterated Ragroof's reputation for creating unusual outdoor theatre’
Angus MacKechnie | Watch This Space Producer

A show inspired by older people’s memories of the dancehall era. The audience is transported back to a time when the intricate rituals of courtship were played out on the dance floors of village halls and grand ballrooms alike.

Shall We Dance? Encore! takes the audience on a journey from the 1920s to the 1950s; creating a rich tapestry of dances and dancehall scenarios inhabited by a diverse and eccentric cast of characters. Originally composed soundscapes entwined with old favourites and interspersed with recorded memories deliver a memorable soundtrack for a visual feast.

‘I met my husband on the dance floor; well you did. Some girls might ask for a dance, but I didn’t like to do that. If they wanted me they would have to come and get me.’
Sheila Lemon, Brighton