This website is an archive and a celebration of the work of Ragroof Theatre from 2003-2012. Please visit The Ragroof Players website for current work

Devised and Directed by:
Luan Blake

Originally Devised by:
Matthew Blacklock
Ben Blake
Claire Davies
Marion Duggan
Katie Etheridge
Ivan Fabrega
Nick Jesper
Terry O’Donovan
Anna Symes

Current Cast:
Lucky Jim - Matthew Blacklock
Valerie - Luan Blake
Rose - Marion Duggan
Roger - Ivan Fabrega
Bertie - Terry O'Donovan
Queenie - Anna Symes

Guest Directors:
Flick Fernando
Tanushka Marah

Choreography and Dramaturg:
Dorothy Max Prior

Musical Director and Composer:
Juliet Russell

Music Designer:
Al Bourman

Creative Mentor:
Damien Wright

Production Management:
Tash Padbury and Greg Mickelborough

Documentation Booth Curated and produced by:
The Old Clock Shop

Booth Attendant:
Marcus Ripley

Ellan Parry
Claire Bonnet and Tamineh Dhondy

Bandstand Designed and Built by:
Paul Harrington

Set Decoration:
Ivan Fabrega
Marcus Ripley

Backdrop Painted by:
Anna Symes